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DPP Places Ban on Party Members from Participating in KMT-CCP Forum

July 11, 2009

DPP Places Ban on Party Members from Participating in KMT-CCP Forum
July 8, 2009

The Central Executive Committee has unanimously decided that DPP Headquarters shall ban any former DPP official who is still a party member, as well as any present party members holding public office, from attending the KMT-CCP Forum. DPP Chairperson Dr. Tsai Ing-wen put forth the proposal, which was co-sponsored by the National Association for DPP County and City Chapters, in response to the KMT-CCP Forum invitations sent to former and present DPP officials. Anyone attending in spite of the ban will be disciplined according to Party regulations. The DPP has taken this action to make clear its position on supporting Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Acting party spokesperson Zhao Tian-lin said that during the Central Executive Committee meeting, Dr. Tsai stated that it is clear to anyone who examines this issue that the KMT-CCP Forum is a private give-and-take between the two parties, which damages and undermines Taiwan’s democracy and our nation’s institutional system.  DPP members should not associate themselves with this United Front tactic. In addition, the upcoming CCP-KMT Forum is taking place at a time when the CCP is undertaking a bloody crackdown on the Uighur people in Xinjiang, which observers have universally condemned. Our DPP party members should not give people the wrong impression that we support the Chinese Communist regime.

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