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Four Demands and Proposed English Slogans

May 16, 2009

Democracy, freedom, and economic strength are assets upon which Taiwan prides itself in the international community. After Ma Ying-jeou took office, Taiwan has started to slide backwards on all fronts. This year, the Ma administration has ignored public opinion; regarded China as possessing sovereignty over Taiwan, rather than opposing China; extended special privileges everywhere; made Taiwan economically dependent on China; and forced our Happiness Index to plummet.

The Ma administration would not hesitate to deceive the Taiwanese people to present a false image of peace. Since the beginning of our national decline, Taiwan is truly falling into the abyss of Communist China. This tragedy concerns all of our futures!

Only the public opinion of the Taiwanese people – not the pronouncements of the Ma government or the strong-arm tactics of China – can decide Taiwan’s future!

We must pull back from the brink of disaster before we fall into the abyss of Communist China, in order to protect Taiwan.

Stand up on 517! Protest the abuses of the Ma administration to protect Taiwan! On 517, we’ll see you on Ketagalan Boulevard!

Four Demands

517 Four Demands

1.) Call for a public referendum on ECFA to protect Taiwan!

2.) Don’t allow those in power to sell out Taiwan or cast aside its sovereignty!

3.) Oppose our incompetent government, protect the unemployed!

4.) Oppose the One-China Market, protect the vulnerable!

Proposed English Slogans

Had enough, Ma Ying-jeou?

Protect Taiwan! Protect our Sovereignty! Protect the Unemployed! Protect the Vulnerable!

Oppose China, Protect Taiwan! (Say no to China! Say yes to Taiwan!)

Kick out the KMT! Oppose our Incompetent Government!

Oppose the One-China Market!

No EFCA without a Referendum!

Stand up for  Sovereignty, Protect Taiwan!

Viva Taiwan!

On your mark, DPP! Get ready, DPP! Go! Go! Go!

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