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517 March to Protest the Parade and Assembly Law: Video Translation!

May 16, 2009

We are pleased to provide an English translation for our Taiwanese-language video regarding the 517 March. We have included time markers to help you follow along with the video.


My dear fellow citizens, friends, and family!
We will be marching forward together soon
Towards freedom! Towards democracy!

[0”10: Mr. Huang Hsin-chieh, April 19th, 1992. A dedicated democratic soul]

Sometimes, the choice to disobey regulations
Is based upon a higher belief in democracy and justice.

[0”25: May 19th, 1987: Protesters demand that the KMT lift martial law in Taiwan]

They stood strong and united, despite living under a repressive regime.
Though they seemed alone at the time,
History has proven that they made the right choice.

[0”37: April 19th, 1992. Marching for the right to hold direct presidential elections]

And they did succeed in the end.

Today, the mission to protect Taiwan’s democracy has been placed in our hands.
We must bravely carry on with this mission.

[0’46”: February 28th, 2004. Hand in Hand to Protect Taiwan Rally]

24 hour silent sit-in protest
Against the “martial law edition” of the Parade and Assembly Law
May 17th: The protest begins on Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei

Oppose China, Protect Taiwan

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